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What the Blue Ribbon Stands For

What the Blue Ribbon Stands For - Blue Ribbon / Blue RunDuring the past several years, the blue ribbon has been widely recognized as a national symbol of child abuse prevention.  This movement began in the spring of 1989 when a concerned grandmother, Bonnie Finney of Norfolk, VA, took a stand against child abuse after experiencing the death of her grandson.  She tied a symbolic blue ribbon to her van as a signal to her community of her personal commitment to involve everyone in the battle to stop child abuse.

Every 48 minutes, a child in Louisiana is abused or neglected.  Child Advocacy Services (CAS) plans to recognize National Child Abuse Prevention Month by launching a Blue Ribbon Campaign throughout its service area and the surrounding parishes during the month of April.

How Can I Help Prevent Child Abuse?
  • Wear a Blue Ribbon.
  • Make a donation for a Blue Ribbon.
  • Tell a friend.
  • Become a CASA Volunteer!
  • Speak to a group about preventing child abuse.
  • Inform your local and state leaders.
  • Write a news article.
Child Advocacy Services hopes to encourage community members to come together and join in the fight against the abuse and neglect of children.  For more information about the prevention of child abuse or to learn how you can get involved, call Donna Bliss at 985-902-9583.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Children's Artwork 2015

Each year, elementary students from a selected school within the Child Advocacy Services service area are educated about what child abuse and neglect is and asked to create an original work of art to represent their interpretation of what they have learned. A contest is held and the overall winning artwork is used on the cover of the annual CAS calendar. Twelve other winners are selected and featured in the calendar as well. The overall winner becomes the showcase art to be used in a poster that is given as recognition to community members and donors for their continued support. The artwork shown here was created by 4th and 5th grade students at Lowery Elementary School in Donaldsonville. Our thanks to these students, their teachers, and the Ascension Parish School System for participating in this project.

For more information on how your school can participate in this annual event, please contact Ginger Cangelosi at 800-798-1575.

The Blue Ribbon Campaign

Each year, we distribute hundreds of blue ribbons in supporting children and families to prevent child abuse and neglect.  The blue ribbon is a positive symbol of the need to do one's best when it comes to children and families.  See the attached flyer for some additional ways you can get involved in our campaign.

The Blue Ribbon Campaign to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect

CAS Welcomes Sponsors

Origami Blue Ribbon

Print the instructions below to create your own Blue Ribbon. 

Origami Blue Ribbon

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