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Burns Estate Planning Receives Button of Bravery

Burns Estate Planning Receives Button of Bravery - Community Events & Sponsors

When a child visits Child Advocacy Services (CAS), they select a button from a jar. This is a very personal selection because this button represents them. It tells their story. Children desperately need the services of CAS - an organization that gives them a voice, a sense of security, and help with healing. Like buttons, children come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And they all need a secure thread to hold them tightly together and let them know there is hope. Child Sponsors are the secure threads within our community partnering with CAS to help provide voice, healing, and security.

Child Advocacy Services recognizes Burns Estate Planning for their Child Sponsorship by presenting Ernie Burns and staff with a Button of Bravery. To learn more about 1541 Buttons of Bravery, please visit our website at Child Advocacy Services is always looking for volunteers to advocate for the best interest of a child; training begins in the fall. Call today at 1-800-798-1575 for more information concerning training and other volunteer opportunities with Child Advocacy Services.

Pictured left to right are Joelle Henderson, CAS Clinical Services Director; Lauren Williams, CAS AmeriCorps VISTA; Rob Carlisle, CAS Chief Executive Officer; Erin Berglund, Burns Estate Planning and Ms. Louisiana United States; Lori Banks, Clinical Service Coordinator; Hayward, CAS Powerful Paws Canine Companion; Ernie Burns, Owner of Burns Estate Planning; Nichelle Lee, Burns Estate Planning; Erica Baker, Burns Estate Planning; Donna Henry, Burns Estate Planning; Diana Traylor, Burns Estate Planning

Local "Heroes" Honored at TWC Conference

Two local volunteers were honored recently by the Louisiana CASA Association and the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Louisiana Association at the 10th Annual Together We Can Conference and Training in Lafayette. Each year, nominations from the seventeen CASA Programs and 13 CAC Centers across Louisiana are submitted for individuals who provide outstanding service in their local communities. The Louisiana CASA Board Member of the Year was awarded to Child Advocacy Services CASA Board of Director Alexis Ducorbier with State Farm Insurance for her leadership in initiating their Cottages for CASA Campaign. Mrs. Ducorbier facilitated this project as their committee chair and volunteered her time and resources over the last four years for this project. Her time and commitment to assisting this organization in this volunteer capacity has helped raise over $100,000 in the last four years to provide additional services through the CASA Program across the ten parishes served by Child Advocacy Services. “The funding raised through Cottages for CASA helps us serve children in our local community," Rob Carlisle, CEO for Child Advocacy Services shared. “In a time when grants, municipal funding, and donations are being reduced, these donations are critical in our continued services for children experiencing awful circumstances everyday." 

The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Louisiana awarded their Community Partner of the Year honor to Mrs. Vicki Richard with Visually Speaking. Mrs. Richard was honored for her dedication, time, and talents in developing over four one-of-a kind resources to help Child Advocacy Services prevent child abuse and neglect. Additionally, she assisted in the graphic design and layout of several collateral resources to better help the Children’s Advocacy Center and CASA Programs reach a bigger audience. Her skills have assisted Child Advocacy Services in reaching over one million adults and children across Louisiana in the last five years with these resources.  “These two amazing women are a great example of how everyone can volunteer to assist us in our work to keep children safe and protected. Our CASA Volunteers do incredible work, but we always need a variety of different skills and talents to reduce the tremendous harm children are experiencing each day. Child Advocacy Services CASA and CAC Programs are very proud they were each recognized across the entire state for their leadership! They are HEROES!” stated Carlisle. 

Denham Springs Regional Office Open House

Child Advocacy Services highlights Walker Wal-Mart Associates Choice Program Award on Friday, December 9th

Child Advocacy Services hosted an open house to announce their new location at 1810 Florida Blvd., Suite F in Denham Springs. During the open house event, Walker Wal-Mart Store Manager Mike Lowery and Wal-Mart Community Coordinator Lynda Gardiner were presented with the Mary Ellen Award in recognition of Wal-Mart’s donation back to the community of Livingston Parish. “The Mary Ellen Award honors members in the community who are champions for abused children,” commented Joelle Henderson, Director of Clinical Services for Child Advocacy Services CAC program. April Wier, Director of Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce, was very instrumental with the ribbon cutting at the new office and arranging for Wal-Mart representatives to be present. Please visit Child Advocacy Services at 1810 Florida Blvd., Suite F in Denham Springs to meet our staff and learn more about Child Advocacy Services’ programs or visit Child Advocacy Services is a United Way partner agency.

The Children’s Advocacy Centers (CAC) of Louisiana was selected as the 2011 Wal-Mart Associates Choice Program winner. Child Advocacy Services’ Children’s Advocacy Center program was selected as one of the 16 recipients of the award state wide. As the winner, Children’s Advocacy Centers of Louisiana received $100,000 from the Wal-Mart Foundation to help ensure child victims of sexual abuse receive quality services from their local CAC.

Pictured left to right Chris Wroten, Child Advocacy Services Board President; Lynda Gardiner, Wal-Mart Community Coordinator (Walker); Mike Lowery, Wal-Mart Store Manager (Walker); Rob Carlisle, Child Advocacy Services Chief Executive Officer; Alex Hazlaris, CACLA Program Support Specialist; Joelle Henderson, Child Advocacy Services Director of Clinical Services; Christine Roy, CAS Clinical Services Coordinator; and Donna Bliss, Child Advocacy Services Director of Community Outreach.

Cottages for CASA receives Community Change Pig

Cottages for CASA receives Community Change Pig - Community Events & SponsorsAlexis Ducorbier’s State Farm Insurance Agency chose Cottages for CASA as the recipient of the October Community Change Pig.  Each month, the staff choose a non-profit or needy cause in the community to donate spare change from the Community Change Pig.  Our thanks to Alexis and her staff for supporting our agency.
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