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Prepared, Not Scared

Prepared, Not Scared was developed as a community resource to assist children and families with understanding emotions associated with hurricanes. As anxieties and expectations with upcoming hurricane seasons increase, an overwhelming need has developed from parents and community members to create a resource for children and parents to do together and discuss these feelings further. This resource provides interactive activities for children to complete with parents to help prepare them for these traumatic experiences.  For more information, please call 1-800-798-1575.

Prepared, Not Scared Description Sheet

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Hurricane Guide Helps Parents Talk to Children

Once again, it’s the time to prepare for hurricane season.  Child Advocacy Services has developed a Prepared, Not Scared™ Hurricane Guide to help children sort out their feelings and provide answers to some of the tough questions regarding reactions to hurricanes.  The hurricane guide is best used to open up discussions with your child and also includes tips for parents to help deal with experiences associated with hurricanes.

Our partner, DEMCO, will have Prepared Not Scared resources available in their customer offices for everyone.  Offices are located at 16262 Wax Road, Greenwell Springs; 15095 Highway 931, Gonzales; 1810 South Range Avenue, Denham Springs; 201110 Plank Road, Zachary; 6823 LA Highway 10, Greensburg; 29444 Frost Road, Livingston; and 6843 LA Highway 61, St. Francisville.  Additionally, the resource will be distributed through Child Advocacy Services.

NBC 33 News Article about Prepared, Not Scared

Click on the link below to see Lauren McCoy interview Rob Carlisle, CEO of Child Advocacy Services, as they talk about the Prepared, Not Scared hurricane guide.

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